from panel to publication

Cultures and / of Globalization
Edited by Barrie Axford and Richard Huggins (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2011)

Cultures and/of Globalization is an edited volume which has its origins in the 2008 GSA conference. The book brings together various insights on the place of culture in globalization research: “with the immodest aim…to help shift the in-vestigative emphasis away from an under-theorised focus on cultural globalization to a consideration of globality as enacted in part through cultural processes as part of global complexity.” The chapters are sepa-rated into four thematic sections —cultural dialogue and borders, coun-ter-cultural voices and conflict, cul-tural and cross-cultural spaces, and cosmopolitan migration—which cov-er a wide range of topics and disci-plines and bring together both theo-retical and empirical insights. The range and quality of work will un-doubtedly make this volume a won-derful and insightful resource for those researchers drawn to ques-tions of how to conceptualize and understand the place of culture in studies of globalization.—of-Globalization1-4438-3217-0.htm

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