Keynote Speakers

The following will be the keynote speakers at the GSA’s Globalizing Cultures and Identities: Sport, Lifestyle, Heritage conference to be held at Manchester Metropolitan University on 5th-7th July 2012.

Professor Richard Giulianotti joined the Sociology Department at Loughborough University in November 2011 from his previous post at Durham University. He is the author of three books, has edited several volumes and published numerous academic journal articles on the way to establishing for himself the reputation of being a leading authority on globalization and sport. Professor Guilianotti is currently taking part in an on-going study for the London Olympics on ‘policing and police-community relations.’ Professor Guilianotti will be guest-editor for an upcoming issue of the British Journal of Sociology.

 Professor David Inglis, University of Aberdeen, has written extensively on the topics of culture, globalization, social theory and the sociology of art. His authored books include The Globalization of Food, Culture and Everyday Life and Confronting Culture: Sociological Vistas. Professor Inglis’ current work often centres around the issue of irony and reflexivity within sociology. He is on the editorial board of several leading sociology journals and is a founding editor of the journal Cultural Sociology.


Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Manchester, Sharon McDonald brings a unique focus on cultural heritage and the globalization of heritage to the GSA conference. Professor McDonald has authored three books and several publications as well as having taken part in many events, conferences and research projects. In 2009, Professor McDonald published a work on negotiating Nazi architectural heritage in the context of a broader interest in ’difficult heritage’. She is currently working on a project entitled, Memorylands.

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