Focus on Themed Panels – #1 ‘Globalization and Cricket’

Cricket and Globalization (a special themed panel at the GSA’s Globalizing Cultures and Identities: Sport, Lifestyle, Heritage conference 5th-7th July) featuring Dominic Malcolm, Amit Gupta, Habib Khondker, Chris Rumford, Russell Holden, Tom Fletcher.  The panel is organized in conjunction with the British Sociological Association.

The panel brings together leading figures in the study of the globalization of cricket, and the sociology and politics of sport.

Dominic Malcolm’s new book Globalizing Cricket will shortly be published by Bloomsbury Academic.

Habib Khondker, Amit Gupta and Chris Rumford all contributed to the recent collection Cricket and Globalization(Cambridge Scholars) edited by Chris Rumford and Steve Wagg.

Russell Holden recently edited a special issue of Sport in Society on the theme of ‘The politics of sport’.  Tom Fletcher is currently organizing a conference on ‘Cricket, Migration and Diaporic Communities’ which will take place in Leeds in July.

The panel offers a rare opportunity to discuss the globalization of a sport which until the rise of the Indian Premier League a few years ago was considered to be only of interest to Britain and Commonwealth countries. Now the globalization of cricket is driven by Indian media and business interests. The ‘Indianization’ of cricket, or its ‘post-westernization’ will be high on the agenda for discussion. Please join us in Manchester and contribute to the debate.


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