Focus on Themed Panels – #3 ‘Europe in the World’

This panel, convened by Didem Buhari-Gulmez, seeks to contribute to the literature on Europe through an innovative macro approach. It aims to focus on the  ‘bigger picture’ and shows how European agency is shaped by global transformations. Helen McBride‘s paper explains the processes through which the European Union’s financial assistance to the peace process in Northern Ireland between 1968-1998 has had unintended consequences for female workers. Drawing upon new institutionalism in sociology, Ulrike Zschache reviews European mass media in order to investigate the influence of the global on the reform of Common Agricultural Policy. Finally, Roland Robertson‘s paper ‘Europe in Chaotic Decline’ will place Europe’s crises within a global context.This panel welcomes all who are interested in innovative approaches to European studies and discussions that identify a ‘missing link’ between the local, the regional/European, and the global.

The panel is linked to a  ‘meet the author’ session at the conference at which Roland Robertson and Sophie Krossa will discuss their new edited collection European Cosmopolitanism in Question (Palgrave).

European Cosmopolitanism in Question (Europe in a Global Context)


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