Message from the Chair

Annual conference, 5th-7th July 2012, Manchster Metropolitan Univerity

‘Globalizing Cultures and Identities: Sport, Lifestyle and Heritage’

A very warm welcome to Manchester to all of you attending the GSA’s annual conference.

We have an excellent programme of papers which promise both variety and originality. We also have three excellent keynote speakers to look forward to and a couple of meet-the-author sessions with leading Global Studies scholars. I would like to extend a big ‘thank you’ to Paul Kennedy at Manchester Metropolitan University for organizing the conference.

I am particularly looking forward to our keynote speakers. On Thursday 5th Richard Giulianotti will give a paper on ‘Sport Mega Events in the Global City: the 2012 Olympics in London’ which of course is a very’hot’ topic given that the London Olympics begin shortly after the conference. Richard is one of the world’s leading sociologists of sport and his paper brings together many themes of great interest to Global Studies’ scholars: mega events, global cities, and the Olympics. Earlier on the same day we also have a panel on ‘Olympic values in C21st’, so the Olympic theme is well-represented at the conference.

On Friday 6th Sharon MacDonald will give her keynote on ‘Cosmopolitanism and transnational heritage’ This introduces GSA members to a new area of Global Studies; ‘global heritage’, an increasingly important theme in the literature. Professor MacDonald’s talk also increases the profile of cosmopolitanism at the conference, a development also reflected in a panel on Thursday featuring Maria Rovisco and Nick Stevenson.

Also on Friday 6th David Inglis will give his keynote ‘ Who were the great global thinkers?’ a provocative title for a speech which will no doubt leave us with plenty to discuss at the conference dinner afterwards.

I wish you all a safe journey to Manchester and I look forward to meeting you at the conference.

Chris Rumford

Chair, GSA

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