‘Democracy and Law’ Issue 6 Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies

Click on the image to access the new issue at criticalglobalisation.com

Click on the image to access the new issue at criticalglobalisation.com

Democracy and law are central themes of global studies. Nowadays
international politics seems to be interceded via a multitude of legal
practices and processes, consequently bringing the role of, and need for,
international law into sharp relief. Yet particularly since the emergence of
the ‘war on terror’ many have questioned the efficacy of international law.
No longer framed in terms of a Westphalian ‘law of nations’, international
law is undergoing a series of fundamental challenges that are
increasingly calling into question its status, effectiveness and application.
Extraordinary rendition, the widespread use of torture and the politics of
exception in general highlight both its ineffectiveness and flexibility in
equal measure. Consequently, some champion the strengthening of
current state-centric institutions and regimes to protect human rights,
while others argue that breaking existing regulations can be justified.
Others still argue for radically different (bottom-up) approaches to
international law and democracy, taking into account not only relations
between states but also relations between individuals.

JCGS has issued a Call for Papers for issue 7 on the theme of ‘Modelling Capitalism’.


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