‘Theories of Globalization’ Roundtable

theories of glob

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The GSA is pleased to announce a Roundtable to mark the publication of Barrie Axford’s new book ‘Theories of Globalization’ (Polity Press).

The panel will assess the likely impact of the book, its contribution to Global Studies, and its applicability to different academic disciplines. The author, Barrie Axford (Oxford Brookes), will have an opportunity to respond to the points made, before questions are taken from the audience. The event will be chaired by Chris Rumford (Royal Holloway).

The event will take place at Oxford Brookes University on Tuesday 18th February 2014. Panelists will include:

David Inglis

David Inglis (Exeter)

Ray Kiely

Ray Kiely (Queen Mary)

Darren O'Byrne

Darren O’Byrne (Roehampton)

All GSA members are welcome to attend what promises to be a very interesting session. Please contact Chris Rumford to book your place: chris.rumford@rhul.ac.uk 

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