Global Studies Association: Postgraduate Forum

This event has been cancelled

‘Working with Global Studies: Employability in an interdisciplinary field – problems and prospects’

1st April 2014, Royal Holloway, University of London (Central London venue)
Please contact Dr Anthony Cooper ( for more details
and formal registration
Global Studies comprises multi-disciplinary social science activity which aims to explore the dynamics of the world as a single place. The current job market for new PhDs is unusually challenging and candidates often need to demonstrate a clear disciplinary orientation in order to be successful. This creates a tension between, on the one hand, developing a broad social science research orientation (useful when applying to funding bodies who do encourage multi-disciplinarity), and, on the other, the need to ‘fit’ within existing disciplinary categories. Scholars aspiring to multi- or inter-disciplinarity in the long term must learn strategies which enable them to work within disciplines as well as span them.
The workshop will bring together PhD students and early-career researchers located within the multi-disciplinary/interdisciplinary field of Global Studies in order to explore the problems and prospects associated with working in such a field. The workshop will focus on developing publication strategies, identifying collaborative research opportunities, and negotiating between disciplinarity and inter-disciplinarity, with a view to enhancing the employability of research-oriented postgraduates in the profession.
The workshop is designed to give participants the skills and confidence to negotiate the tricky terrain of disciplinarity and thereby enhance their employability through the acquisition of skills in the following areas:
• Writing for publication in journals (both interdisciplinary and belonging to specific disciplines)
• Developing collaborative research strategies, and developing international research networks
• Making job applications (satisfying disciplinary requirement and projecting a multidisciplinary research agenda)
• Working with publishers and editors
The workshop is organized on the principle that good practice and best strategies can be shared and that each participant, by drawing on their own unique experiences, can make a significant contribution. It is also believed that establishing dialogue with publishers, editors and funding bodies is the key to creating an environment in which multi-disciplinarity can thrive.
In addition to presentations from a number of professionals in the field the workshop will include several activity sessions requiring participants to work in small groups and involving discussion, feedback, and peer evaluation. Each session will draw on delegates own experiences, and they will be encouraged to share good practice with colleagues.
11.30 Welcome and coffee
12.00 Group session 1: Planning a multi-disciplinary special issue of a journal. Small group activity followed by feedback, discussion, and evaluation (Facilitator: Dr. Jill Timms, Brunel University)
12.45 Seminar 1: Multi-disciplinarity: a publisher’s perspective (Martina O’Sullivan, Senior
Commissioning Editor (Cultural Studies), Rowman and Littlefield International
13.30 Lunch
14.00 Group session 2: Planning collaborative research. Small group activity followed by feedback, discussion, and evaluation (Facilitator: Prof. Sandra Halperin, Royal Holloway, University of London)
14.45 Coffee
15.00 Seminar 2: Multi-disciplinarity: a scholar’s perspective (Prof. Barrie Axford, Oxford Brookes)
15.45 Group session 3: Strategies for job applications (achieving disciplinary focus while projecting a multidisciplinary research agenda). Small group activity followed by feedback, discussion, and evaluation (Facilitator: Prof. Chris Rumford, Royal Holloway, University of London)
16.30 Concluding comments
Please contact Dr Anthony Cooper ( for more details and formal registration

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