European Sociological Association Mid-Term Conference

European Sociological Association –
RN 15 “Global, Transnational and Cosmopolitan Sociology”


Mid-Term Conference

“Globalization, supranational dynamics and local experience”

15-16 April, 2016, Milan (Italy) Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Call for papers

One of the main challenges that sociology and social sciences face today is to understand how individuals, collective actors and structures cope with the dilemmas, tensions and ambivalences of modern societies embedded in supranational dynamics. This interim meeting of RN 15 on global, transnational and cosmopolitan sociology calls for papers dealing theoretically, methodologically and empirically with issues related to the transnational dimension. We welcome all manner of papers that deal with how the local, the transnational and the global are entwined and construct the meaning of one another, and how individuals, organizations or states manage this predicament for instance by emphasizing a cosmopolitan outlook or by cherishing local culture. We also encourage papers that deal with the current intensification of migration and asylum seeking in Europe from the perspective of local- global entanglement.

Key dates

Submission of abstracts (about 300 words) and panel proposals by 10th February
Notification of decision on abstract and panels by 22nd February

Abstracts and panel proposals should be sent to Marco Caselli (

No fees are required for participation


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