GSA 2015 Living the Global: the cultural experience of globalization

Living the Global: the cultural experience of globalization

Roehampton University, Thurs 2nd – Sat 4th July 2015
Keynote speakers (confirmed):
Ian Woodward (Griffith University, Brisbane), author of Cosmopolitanism: Uses of the Idea
Nick Stevenson (Nottingham), author of Cultural Citizenship: Cosmopolitan Questions
Rodanthi Tzanelli (Leeds), author of Olympic Ceremonialism
and The Performance of National Character: From London 2012 to Rio 2016

Nick Stevenson, Ian Woodward, and Rodanthi Tzanelli

‘Living the global’ aims to explore an under-researched aspect of globalization; how people experience it. The human experience of globalization requires closer attention to everyday practices, subject-object relationships, and aesthetics (among other things) that can reveal the different ways in which people respond to, negotiate, and attempt to harness global processes. Of central importance are questions such as: how and where are these different experiences of globalization revealed? How are different experiences expressed/represented?

We know that global processes do not impact on all people in the same way and can lead to different outcomes for different people. In short, the same process can result in different experiences of globalization. Bauman talks of ‘Globalization for some, localization for some’, but this formulation risks obscuring how this duality works in tandem in all spaces; others talk about ‘glocalization’, the intertwining of the global and local, for example, while yet others see globalization as being ‘in here’ as well as just ‘out there’.

The key to understanding all this, it is suggested, is developing a more nuanced perspective on the human experience of globalization and how this is manifested in culture, politics, media and society. We are interested in finding out how people accommodate themselves to ‘living the global’ but also how they may drive it too, under certain conditions. ‘Living the global’ intends to address these areas of human creativity in the context of global processes and explore the connections and disjunctures between experiences.

We are particularly interested in receiving proposals for papers in the following areas:

– Representations of glocalization (in film, literature etc.)

– ‘Bottom up’ accounts of global processes

– Mapping ‘global journeys’ and the centrality of mobility to the experience of globalization

– Encounters with ‘global things’, either as commodities or as empowering objects

– Transnational migration and migrant identities

– Experiencing hybridity and/or difference

– Tourism and cultural encounters

– Digital diasporas

– Memorializing cultural encounters: the role of museums and heritage studies

– The rise of the interplanetary: leaving the global behind?

– The border as global portal: connectivity and transnationalism

– ‘Living the global city’: urban encounters

– Cosmopolitanism as a particular experience of globalization

Proposals for papers should take the form of a 300 word abstract and may be submitted on any aspect of the conference theme. The organisers will allocate papers to an appropriate panel.

The deadline for submission of abstracts (300 words) is June 8th 2015.

Please send to conference organizer Chris Rumford at

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Costs: Full registration £245 (includes accommodation, lunch and other refreshments, and conference fee). Discounted student registration £170.

Standard registration (no-accommodation) £175. Discounted student rate £130.

Conference dinner is £40 extra for all delegates. Registration includes automatic GSA membership.

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